Written & Performed by Jeff Grow

Directed by Jessi D. Hill

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“Grow is an appealing technician who brings a boyish charm to a group willing to be fooled.  Grow is adept at slowing down his motions, conning us into thinking we will see how he does the trick as he explains it. There are audible "ahs" when we don't, and again he's got us in the palm of his hand. Aside from the smooth illusions, I most enjoyed Grow's explanations of how a con works, painting familiar New York street scenes and populating them with cons he has met and been conned by. This is the best of his patter, and it proves sharp and illuminating.”     -NY Theatre.com

Showman. Magician. Conman. Jeff explores the diverse facets of the art of deception and confidence - whether for entertainment or manipulation, beauty or deceit; the tools of the conjurer can be seen all around us.  Elegant sleight of hand and insight into human behavior collide to dismantle everyday experience and explore the art of creating illusion.

- Outstanding Solo Performer -

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- Outstanding Performance Art Production -

Recipient of the New York Innovative Theatre Awards: