According to a study by Exhibit Surveys, the most effective way of getting attention at trade shows are live presentations. Magicians rank as the most effective live presentation, second only to product demonstrations. Jeff has the ability to drive traffic to your booth, and then craft a sales message, targeted to your product, delivering qualified leads to the sales team.

“Jeff Grow worked our trade show booth, performing on the quarter hour, helping to draw visitors into our booth so that we could tell them more about a new product that we were introducing at the show. He not only mesmerized the audience, but had learned enough about our properties and the new offering we were introducing, that he was able to effectively weave that information into his show. It was most successful in getting prospects and customers interested in our new product.”

                                                            -Dan Tidwell, Senior VP

                                                            Randall-Reilly Publishing

“I have never seen better sleight of hand in my life - in person, or on television.”

                                    -Mike Reilly, President

                                    Randall-Reilly Publishing

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